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Coinbase asset hub for customers care and issues

Cryptocurrency’s promise is to form cash and payments universally accessible — to anyone, regardless of wherever they’re within the world. making Associate in Nursing open national economy depends on the US operating along with the builders and therefore the believers of the crypto economy. At Coinbase, we’ve got engineered one a part of this vision, however, we tend to believe a growing network of partners to assist the US to expand the crypto economy and drive business adoption forward.

It’s necessary for issuers to grasp we wish to figure with them which door is open. thereupon in mind, we tend to square measure excited to introduce Coinbase quality Hub — an easy, efficient product for issuers to list their assets and do business with Coinbase. Coinbase is already a middle for crypto finance, with quite $320 billion in total volume listed, Associate in Nursing has an increasing providing of crypto services. quality Hub can contour the quality listing method nowadays, and expand the number of services offered to digital quality issuers within the months to come back. The goal may be a single interface at Coinbase for digital quality issuers to manage the total lifecycle of their assets.


  • We square measure proud to supply distribution power for issuers to probably reach our quite thirty-five million verified users. Today, Coinbase supports commercialism for over forty crypto assets on our exchange and Coinbase Custody supports over ninety crypto assets. Our directive is to list each compliant quality potential. Streamlining the listing method is the 1st step.
  • We will still maintain a customary analysis framework to make sure each quality we tend to support meets our standards for legal, compliance, and technical censoring. Issuers could also be subject to restrictive approval in some jurisdictions and that we, therefore, cannot guarantee whether or not or once Associate in Nursing quality is going to be approved.
  • The crypto economy won’t grow while not the efforts of the many, and digital quality issuers square measure an important cluster pushing the business forward. we wish to support you from day one. start nowadays here.


Coinbase for innovative portfolio solutions


Coinbase Institutional is an Associate in the Nursing integrated resolution that marries our custody, advanced commercialism platform, and prime services. Our unified finance expertise has the tools refined investors ought to execute massive and sophisticated trades, complemented by a various pool of liquidity. acting on an official basis helps the US assure purchasers like One watercourse that our interests square measure aligned as we tend to get to search out the most effective costs out there within the market. Once commercialism is complete, Coinbase Custody is one in every of the safest places to store digital assets, that square measure lily-white and control in trust for the advantage of our purchasers.

One watercourse was searching for a major brokerage resolution for outsized dealings — a firm with enough institutional experience to complete dealings at scale while not touching the market value then secure its digital quality position as a shielded. once rigorously evaluating multiple suppliers, one watercourse selected Coinbase Institutional as its primary supplier of execution and custody services to induce this dealing over the road.

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