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Coinbase: ensuring the safety of customers

At Coinbase, we have a tendency to square measure implausibly pleased with our mission — to make Associate in Nursing open national economy for the globe and to place the ability into our customers’ hands — sanctionative you to have interaction with the cryptosystem on your terms.

However, whereas we wish to make sure money freedom, we have a tendency to additionally need our customers to remember the risks related to fraudsters. within the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a pointy rise within the variety of scams across the globe and on a range of various platforms. At Coinbase, we have a tendency to work closely with enforcement to combat criminal activity, however, we have a tendency to additionally need to make sure that you just, our customers, square measure protective yourselves.

Here square measure 3 vital tips to avoid a number of the foremost common scams:

Check government websites for warnings

The Federal Trade Commission within the USA, the money Conduct Authority within Britain, and alternative European regulators publish steering on proverbial scams (see this instance of a proverbial scam). Check these websites for warnings if you’re participating with any third party. additionally, exercise caution to assist defend your self from scams — voters’ recommendation within Britain has printed some straightforward rules which will assist you to try and do this.

Beware of impersonators, and verify client support

Some fraudsters impersonate Coinbase staff (including our support team and even our CEO) or alternative distinguished crypto people in an exceedingly bid to encourage you to maneuver order funds (like GBP, EUR, or USD) or crypto. Before you act, confirm you recognize and trust the United Nations agency your reproval. Any communication from Coinbase Support can come back from a domain over email or via the social platforms that the support groups use — see here. And Coinbase can ne’er raise you to send or transfer crypto to external addresses or invite you to participate in “free crypto giveaways” on social media platforms like Twitter. you’ll be able to browse a lot of concerning the way to spot those scams here.

Double-check the destination and any third parties

Crypto transactions square measure irreversible. Once you send crypto to a 3rd party, you cannot reverse it or stop the transfer, and neither can Coinbase. therefore, before you send crypto to a blockchain address, perpetually check that you just have entered the right details and square measure sure of the legitimacy of any third parties concerned. solely send crypto to people who you trust.

We want to empower customers to mistreatment Coinbase; however, we have a tendency to additionally urge you to require the time and steps you wish to safeguard yourself within the cryptosystem. For a lot of data on the way to avoid crypto scams, please see our facilitate Center article on the topic.


In this Coinbase review, I’ll cowl the fundamentals of Coinbase as well as what it’s, however it works, its blessings and downsides, and whether or not it’s right for you.


By the time you’re finished reading this Coinbase review, you’ll have a decent understanding of Coinbase and what it offers. a lot of significantly, you’ll ready to decide whether or not Coinbase is that the right exchange for you!

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