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Issues of UK and EU customers regarding Coinbase

As the trustiest complete within the cryptosystem, client support is vastly vital to the United States of America. however, in recent weeks, our client service has not been at the degree we tend to expect for ourselves. we tend to needed to require the possibility to each apologize and make a case for what we tend to do to enhance it.

Some of our customers within the UK and therefore the EU have recently found it troublesome to access their accounts, or have sweet-faced restrictions on some transactions. In some cases, our customers haven’t been ready to get these problems resolved quickly enough. This has been caused by 2 factors returning along at an identical time.

First, over the past 2 months, we’ve seen a sustained market rally that has brought a big range of recent customers onto our platform and re-engaged several existing customers. Second, evolving restrictive needs mean that we’ve to gather further info from a number of our customers, which has meant temporary restrictions being placed on their accounts as we tend to request that info.

We cannot compromise on our restrictive obligations, as Coinbase is committed to the very best standards of compliance. however, we will do a more robust job in human action needs like this to our customers. we’ll conjointly still develop easier ways for patrons to supply the knowledge we want and to navigate our platform and support them once they need further facilitation.

Coinbase is rolling out a variety of changes designed to assist those compact, and that we have a lot of on the way:

  • Pending client info requests have already been prioritized among Coinbase for resolution.
  • We have conjointly improved our client flow on mobile, as well as how for patrons to envision and supply any missing info through the app itself. Customers could begin to receive push notifications and emails requesting further info to get rid of restrictions on their accounts. (Please note that you just ought to solely update this personal info on our mobile and internet applications).
  • We have re-enabled a feature that enables United Kingdom customers to directly convert crypto into decree currency (GBP/EUR) and transfer it into their PayPal accounts.
  • We will presently be rolling out new solutions to scale back the time required for patrons to recover their accounts following account lock-outs.
  • We apologize to customers United Nations agency are compact. we all know that we will solely fulfill our mission of building an associate open national economy for the globe if we tend to deliver a foremost service and that we can still work flat out to try to simply that.


New regulation ought to solely be created when an intensive and honest method, that involves feedback from business specialists and people that may be ultimately compact. we tend to read it as our obligation to you, and therefore the entire crypto community, to encourage thoughtful comments and feedback regarding this planned new rule that represents a rush conceive to impose spare new needs on our business and customers.

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