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The Future of Blockchain: Cross-chain Interoperability

With blockchain technology within the image, a replacement perspective has returned to lightweight wherever trust and transparency became the actual needs. However, so as to contend with the prevailing systems and meet the strain of our ever-connected world, blockchain currently has to take it one step additional.

Cue interoperability: Why can we want it?

With numerous blockchain platforms being introduced within the market, we’ve got reached AN autonomous system wherever they add silos. As in, they work severally and don’t share data.


Let’s take into account a state of affairs wherever a patient is storing his medical records on one blockchain, the insurance method is going on over another blockchain, and also the payment is completed through a decentralized Finance (Defi) protocol. The total method is also clear and trust-based, however, thanks to an absence of ability between these platforms, the method becomes less seamless.


Therefore, we have a tendency to could get a clear and secure system through completely different blockchains, however speed and potency can suffer, particularly once interactions between multiple blockchain platforms square measure required.


So, why can’t we have a tendency to merely share information from one blockchain with another? Well, the straightforward answer: blockchains simply don’t work that means.


Each blockchain is made on the prime of a variety of different technologies. For example, Blockchain A could use a unique encoding technique than Blockchain B, which suggests that the encrypted information of A cannot be understood by B. except for encoding, there are different mechanisms operating within the background like accord algorithms, block sizes, digital signatures, hashing algorithms, and a number of other others to conjointly take under consideration.


So, however, can we realize an answer to create completely different ecosystems that work together? This can be wherever blockchain ability comes in.

What is Cross-chain Interoperability?

When we consider ability, what we have a tendency to square measure very talking regarding is that the ability for a lot of collaboration.


Blockchain ability is a system of blockchains wherever multiple platforms that serve completely different functions will move with one another. In different words, 2 “chains” square measure able to share information while not the intervention of a 3rd party.


Cross-chain is once a 3rd platform creates the system for blockchain ability. It’s one chain hosting a network of chains, creating the total method a lot of economical.

Interoperability in action

Before implementing any ability protocols, we have a tendency to should 1st perceive the various blockchain networks’ technological design.


For public blockchains, the ability is achieved through sidechains, regular hash-locks, and notary public schemes — terms which will appear technical however square measure simple to know once you dive deeper.


When it involves non-public or enterprise blockchains, things get a touch of a lot difficult. That’s wherever cross-chain comes in. Cross-chain provides a way to make a practical network for personal chains wherever a 3rd blockchain acts as a middle ground for different chains. One that maintains a cryptographically-secured, timestamped ledger of the varied activities between completely different blockchains.


Other attainable strategies to make ability embrace tools like atomic swaps, oracles, and state channels. However, these answers lack security and potency in comparison with a cross-chain solution.


Final thoughts

The increasing variety of blockchain platforms within the market is each a blessing and a curse. A blessing as a result of it represents the growing adoption and demand for the technology. A curse as a result of it’s giving rise to a lot of isolated networks, making a disconnected system.


To raise this curse, we’d likeability. And, once it involves blockchain ability, it looks that cross-chain is that the best challenger.

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